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About the action:

Raising money for women with cancer.

After a very succesful first session on the 13th of March, students and teachers from UWC Mostar will be going bald on again the 10th of March, in Velic Garden at 15:00, to raise money for women with breastcancer or other diseases. On top of that, all hair that is long enough will be donated to a foundation in Sarajevo which will use it to make wigs.

The team:

X UWC Mostar students and teachers


Total raised

About the cause:

Novi Pogled

Novi Pogled is an association active in Herzegovina region since 2003, with the head office in Mostar. Mission of the Association is psychological help and support to the women with breast cancer and their families, during and after the treatment, as well as raising in general public on importance of health care. Through the educations of healthy population and various ways of support to women with breast cancer and their families, we succeeded to become an important factor in protection of physical and mental health of women.

See more info | novi-pogled.org ->

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